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MrClick's TilEd 0.54

MrClick's TilEd 0.53

MrClick's TilEd 0.52

MrClick's TilEd 0.51

MrClick's TilEd 0.5 (Pentium Pro optimized)

MrClick's TilEd 0.45 (Pentium Pro optimized)

MrClick's TilEd 0.44 (Pentium Pro optimized)

 MrClick's TilEd 0.43 (Pentium Pro optimized)

MrClick's TilEd 0.421 (Pentium Pro optimized)

MrClick's TilEd 0.42 (Pentium Pro optimized maybe later)

MrClick's TilEd 0.41 (Pentium Pro optimized)

A multiplatform tile editor for Windows.

Klarth's Console Graphics document
Klarth's PSX Tim Graphics document

Jay's SNES Palette Format document

These are some documents which I used to write TilEd or which caught my attention. I ripped so much information from these documents that it was time for me to say thanks.

MrClick's HiColEd 0.11

A 15 bpb bitmap viewer. On ice at the moment due to public disinterest.

MrClick's Final Burn Frontend

A frontend for the Sega arcade machine emulator Final Burn which became obsolete after Final Burn got its own game selection feature. Only for those who collect everything that is in any way related to emulation. If I reconsider now I must say it makes me proud to have written the front-end for the first emulator ever to support CPS2 games. Who would have guessed?