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Saturday, 30th September 2001 - New release: MrClick's TilEd 0.54 whatsnew.txt
There is a new emulator out for a system new to emulation. Cygne by Dox introduces Wonderswan Color emulation at a level that I never expected to be reached in these days already since there are no official documents on Bandai's handheld. What is even better about Cygne is that it has savestate support and - guess what - Cygne savestate color palette loading is part of this TilEd update. Thanks to Dox for the info about the palettes. So all who plan to translate Final Fantasy 1 or 2 for the Wonderswan can do it with the right colors now without having to create the palette all by themselves. Funny thing is that the Wonderswan has one format for 4 color tiles which is the same as Gameboy but two 16 color tile formats, namely Genesis and Master System. Not only that Bandai had to do the two 16 color tile thing, they had to choose the two most complex tile formats out there (except maybe PC Engine tiles). Having this great freedom for the developers to choose from those two, Squaresoft used only Master System tiles in Final Fanatsy 1 and only Genesis tiles in Final Fanatsy 2. It's tile madness!

Other new TilEd gizmos: a seperate color palette window, 4 colors only palette display, choose freely if you want 256, 16 or 2 colors displayed, scrollbar to tweak the address. That mainly covers it.
Start using MrClick's TilEd 0.54 today and lose weight with it.
Wednesday, 23th August 2001 - New release: MrClick's TilEd 0.53
It's been awhile since I last took a look at TilEd. Thanks to Snowbro's Tile Layer update I also got interested in color palette loading from emulator savestates. I search through some savestates for different systems, exchanged my findings with Snowbro himself and talked to some emu authors. The result: TilEd now loads color palettes from ZSnes, NESticle, No$Gmb, Boycott Advance and VGBA release 0.10. I haven't figured out the VGBA 0.11 savestates which are in contrast to 0.10 savestates compressed using gzip (really great GNU compression library; thanks to the zlib authors) and the color palettes seem to be in a weird format (or I am just to dump to find them). All other savestates are compatible with the newest versions of the emulators to date. Boycott Advance savestate loading was tested with the 0.22 private beta. I strongly suggest you register this emu too by sending a postcard and not use leaked betas. It is important today that emu authors get as much support by the users as possible, even if it is only a postcard.

Back to TilEd news. Since TilEd palettes are always 256 colors, I added a palette shift tool to the editor controls.
Why it takes me more and more time to update TilEd? First thing is I don't really know what to add to TilEd and I don't get any feedback so there isn't anything to fix as it seems. Second thing is that having finished school I have to see what I want to do the next years to come. I decided to study a bit and if they don't make me a proffesor I just go on being a student for the rest of my life. Sounds like a plan, I say. Yet, it is more timeconsuming then it might sound and I also got myself some jobs to afford going on with my ritzy lifestyle.
However I did some experiments with different hobbies that might be profitable one way or the other. I tried everything from ascii art (which is fun) to building arcade cabinets and I did some C GBA programming. There I got the idea for a little tool I also added to TilEd. With this little tool you can convert sprites and color palettes into C/C++ header files which can be easily included in any GBA C code. So you can use TilEd to draw new tiles for your GBA projects or arrange color palettes or you can convert tiles from any kind of ROM (and of course color palettes too) and reuse them in your games. Even though I started to use command line tools to convert my GBA graphics I still think it is a cool tool. I hope at least one user can make use of it.
The guy next door could have one already. So don't miss out and order your own MrClick's TilEd 0.53 right now.

Monday, 12th June 2001 - New release: MrClick's TilEd 0.52
Been some time since I updated TilEd. What I did most of the time was playing around with methods to find color palettes in ROMs without having to debug them or using emulator savestates. I found some nice routines and also tried to include some of them in TilEd. The problem with TilEd is that a) it's goddamn slow b) it's not effective to include even more stuff in TilEd. I think about writing a new program which deals only with color palette searching and extraction.

What I have added to TilEd is a Palette Tool. With this little tool you can load RGB and BGR 15 bit palettes from file and write them back again when you know the address of the palette. Also I fixed some issues in the Color Set tool and added support for Microsoft RIFF palette format.
Furthermore, I added a readme to the archive for those who get confused by TilEd.
Have a productive summer with MrClick's TilEd 0.52.

Wednesday, 18th April 2001 - Correct link to TilEd 0.51
The link I posted on this page to the new TilEd 0.51 was wrong. If anybody downloaded TilEd using this link you got TilEd 0.5 instead of 0.51. Sorry for the mixup.

Here's the one and only correct link to MrClick's TilEd 0.51.
If you used the Download page you got the right version 0.51. If your still in doubt look at TilEd's main windows caption and it will tell you which version you have.
Tuesday, 17th April 2001 - New document: Console and Handheld Tile Formats 0.1
As requested on the message board I updated and now release a little document I wrote some time ago. I do not think it is very good since I am not very good at writing manuals or technicals docs but if you are looking for information of GBA tiles why not give it a shot. If you are just interrested in the GBA tiles I can tell you that they are simple bitmaps of 4 and 8 bit pixels.

Get your very own Console and Handheld Tile Formats 0.1 document now.


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